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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Samhain Insight and Prayer

As you hear the wind howl outside our ancestors primative lodgings
As they huddle for warmth beside a fire
They prayed for enough food to fill their stomachs and
the strength to roam the land to provide the food
They listened to the Green Man and the Goddess
to utilze the Elements in order to survive
The bond of family and village were the mortar
To the stones of survival
Their perserverance and instict over the years, are
the basis to our modern journey

As Mother Earth begins her slumber into winter
we are greatful to never have to know the
hardships of our ancestors, but to be aware of what they have gone through for us.
We have heat for warmth
the ability to have light as the days shorten and grow dark
The gift of food and drink to nourish our bodies
The knowledge of the Elements to expand our minds

Our Coven provides the Mortar
As our Father and Mother are the everlasting stones
always surrounding us with their Love Knowledge and Light

Blessed Be  )0(

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