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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remember......Our Loved Ones
Mother Goddess Shine the love of your glow upon your Familiars
Bring your radiance into their life, and those whom they loved.
Bring their earthly caretakers peace, love, and understanding.
Cast your light to guide their journeys in the velvet night.
From the veiled mist of your grove, I call thee
Stretch your evergreens and bring these Familiars legacy of Kinship back to your Grove,
Lord of the Forrest and mountains, bring your strength.
Bring your joy and ecstasy so they can know your nature again.
Give the wisdom of your heart to their Family.
Green man, let them hear your voice, they are yours,
Cast your shadows to guide their journeys in the sunny days.
So Mote it Be ☽✪☾