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Monday, October 31, 2011

Samhain Invocation and Elemental Blessing

We Call the Element of Air, bring to us the Wind of Change
We Call the Element of Fire, Bring to us your Light of Wisdom
We Call the Element of Water, Cleans away the Negativity of the Past Year
We Call the Element of Earth, Ground us in our New Begginings.

We Honor those of the Past. may they infuse us with their Knowledge and Strength
We Listen to our Ancesteral Voice and their teachings.
We Guide them to the Plains of awakening and holding
We ask them to return to us Anew

Let us now Light the Fire of Feile na Marbh

We remember and honor those whom has passed on to the OtherWorld…Light the Ritual Bonfires !!!

Take now a torch to your hearths and share the Blessings of the New Year.

Just as the seasons of nature within us reflect those around us, let us now consider the journey of the sun, the stars, the moon, the forests and the seas, the meadows, fields and gardens

Hail, Ancestors of Blood, at this time when we close the year, we call to you. You who have taught us, who have walked with us through this closing year, know that you are honoured here

Hail Ancestors, you who would teach us, who would guide us through this cycle to come, hear our call. This circle cast is peace welcomes you, in peace. Let us feel your presence

One year ended and another not yet begun: This is the time of darkness! This is the time when we honour the mysteries of the unknown and the unknowable, of that which has no language, no order, no beginning and no end, the darkness of the seemingly infinite universe, the darkness between each thought, the darkness within each atom of being. Let us acknowledge the darkness, welcoming its embrace and its power

So Mote it Be   )0(

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