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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blessed Mother on High
Calls to me when I am Nigh
Lifts my soul when all is in disrepair
Tickles my Heart with her long flowing Hair
Gracious Goddess you give so much
I long every day for your touch
I thank the Stars up above
You lift my soul on the wings of a Dove
Blessings and Thanks are yours
So Mote it Be ☽✪☾

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I find each year that I am tired and a bit down, and realize that I am in synch with the wheel of the seasons as it is time to bring in what has been sown, and put the earth to bed beneath a bed of leaves and least in my part of the world. The colors change and remind me of the Goddess and her great splashy show of glorious beauty as if to remind strongly of her presence. I think I am ready to see the earth turned and put to rest, animals nesting underground, me readying a warm hearth and a down blanket to recover snuggled in from underneath. But then will come snow, beautiful, white, cleansing, playful on our nose and tongues and I will forget the sadness or the sorrow of spring and summer put away, called out to play another way. For the Goddess leads me and I love her call, and we celebrate another fall. I love my magic life. I am Certainty's Bloom. I do not call myself Wiccan but rather glory in flat-out Witch.
Blessed Be to each of you