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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Suns Rebirth, Yule Prayer

The Suns Rebirth.
 The shortest day, the longest night.
 He returns to us today.
 So let us rejoice in his sight,
 Smile on us today.
 O look upon Us who Keep Thy ways.
 Smile with us today!
We rejoice at Thy turning,
A sign of life to us returning,
To Thee all praise, O Lord of Light
Thou Who takest away the night,
Thou Who givest life to land,
And warmth and joy unto Man.
Give us to know Thy power and the promise of life that is to return.
To thee we return this portion of thy bounty, O our Mother,
Even as we must return to thee.
So Mote it Be   )0(

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