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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Druid / Wiccan Calling

Our calling is
 To Worship the Holy, in all its manifestations;
To Care for the Creation, as its stewards and friends;
To Unite the Peoples, in the wonder of their infinite diversity;
To Honour the Past, and all it has to teach;
To Live the Present, in its richness of experience;
To Envision the Future, with its limitless possibilities.
As a Sacred Oak is true:
In its roots that reach deep into the Earth,
In its trunk that spans the Worlds,
In its branches that stretch to the Sky,

So is a Druid true:
In the Soul - the Keeper of Holiness,
In the Body - the Celebrant of Creation,
In the Mind - the Seeker of Wisdom.

So Mote it Be   )0(

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