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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Call of the Awakening,Moon is Full, Planets Align,The Time has come to Hear and Entwine.

Tis the Time of the Awakening.
Moon is Full, Planets Align.
The Time has come to Hear and Entwine.

Unite the Temples. Hear the Goddess and Green Man
Within the Elements we Join. Be Ye Wiccan, Shaman, or Monk, Pagan or Buddhist. By Many Names We are Known.
Arise the Old Houses Wisest of Wise.
All Tribes, Clans, Houses Unite. 
Stand Tall and Proud. Follow Your Path.
Welcome New and Solidate Standing and Wisend.

Join Now...To Heal and to Unite in the Glory of Elements, of Mother Earth, Goddess and Green Man.
Our Children are Awakening
The Call Is Beginning. Let us Hear.
As in Days and Time Past, We now Come Alive Anew.
United in Brotherhood and The Pursuit to Heal and Protect.
Council and Share. In Love and in Harmony with All.

May we Harkin to its Call.
Let none Stumble or Fall.
The Awakening Stirs the Sands of Time
Time to tell The Guardians I am Thyne.

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